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When you were the DIL

Started by Aisling, December 08, 2009, 05:21:22 am

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Creme, it sounds like you had a doozy of a time gaining true independence.  I can't imagine giving in to my sister's tantrums!  I hope you feel free to do what you want with your holidays soon, and that you can learn to love them again.  And having to deal with overbearing parents on both sides, goodness, that must have been exhausting.

Your DIL does sound like she comes from a very damaged family.  I hope she gets the help she so desperately needs soon.

Penstamen, I'm sorry you ran up against such prejudice with your first marriage.  It sounds like your second MIL was a delight.  You're lucky to have (had) her.


Excuse me?   Am I a Vampire or not?  Sheesh!!


Quote from: penstamen on December 08, 2009, 12:36:32 pm
   None of these points were ever issues in either of my 2 marriages because we lived far apart. I would have loved to have had second MIL involved in our lives; our children adored her and she was very sweet and helpful. First MIL didn't like me for being unacceptable in her social class, and after a couple of years of being treated very rudely I left the marriage. She was too rich, too powerful and too cruel and I caved. Second MIL also could have had reasons to not accept me (different religion, other beliefs) but never treated me poorly. As far as I know she loved me because I loved her DS and was the mother of his children.
   The rude rude, hurtful treatment we get from DIL is such a shock. I cannot understand it at all. It could be a hilarious screenplay, but I miss my DS too much to laugh about it right now.

Pen you seem like such a nice lady.  I'm so sorry your DIL doesn't give you the respect that you deserve.  What you said about your first MIL mistreating you b/c  they didn't approve b/c of social class, I can totally relate.  Oh course my IL's don't not approve of me b/c of my social class.  They live in a trailer park and my FIL didn't even get passed the sixth grade and I have a graduate degree so I know its not that.  I guess its just plain jealousy.  So you know what's its like to be rejected by your MIL.  It hurts, especially when you're young.  Again I'm so sorry.


Just2be....I think we've discovered one of your problems with them.  They feel exceedingly inferior to you.  It's so sad but people are like that.  Instead of being proud and happy for you and your accomplishments, they feel inferior. 

I'm sure that's it.....they most likely feel that you are much better than they are. 

Am I a Vampire? 


That's a very hard question to answer, chickie.  Maybe one more appropriate for its own post, so that replies on that topic don't get confused with replies on this one?


Yes, I should.  I really was kind of kidding but I should post it someplace else. 8)