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How much notice for weekend guests?

Started by Scoop, June 08, 2011, 09:43:45 am

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I suppose there are those who have been insulted by my lack of "togetherness." (But I'm sure there are also those who have been relieved.) Everyone is used to my marching to my own drummer and don't take it personally...but they will probably have a lot of tales to tell at my memorial!  ;)
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We do not have any pets right now.  One of the decisions we made together was that with our schedules, it wasn't fair to an animal to be penned up most of the time.  We both love animals and someday, when we have time to treat it properly, we may get one.

I would have no problem with someone bringing a pet, as long as they asked first and took care of it's needs.  We also have hardwood downstairs with carpeting upstairs, and when one of my friends brings her dog, we ask her to make sure it stays downstairs.  She has no problem with that when she visits and she's vigilant.  She has admitted that she wouldn't ever stay overnight with us, because her dog sleeps with her and since all of our bedrooms are upstairs she didn't want to crate it overnight downstairs, but it doesn't keep her from visiting.  And I don't blame her, I would do the same thing.  If I liked to sleep with my dog and I knew where I was going I couldn't, I would make other arrangements or not stay overnight.

I actually think that is probably another reason my DIL got mad at me in the beginning.  She brought her dog with them one day and she immediately plopped it down on the couch.  I didn't say anything as it really didn't bother me, but then it started digging into the leather couch and she didn't do anything.  I finally asked her nicely to please put the dog down on the floor and she got all irritated and was ready to go. 
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Many people can't board their pets bc the pets get so nervous and the fees for boarding are expensive; also, it's hard to find someone to come take care of your pet while you are away. 

So since so many of our friends have indoor pets that they can't leave behind, they usually ask if they can bring the pet which is usually a small dog.  So long as they put the pet in a pet container, whatever it's called! at nighttime to keep accidents from happening, usually it works out ok w us.  Most keep an eye on the pet to take it out for it's "poop and pee time." 

A friend of ours really gets upset w pets being brought for overnight visits and if they are brought, wants the pet in a container while we eat and while they sleep.  He actually says don't bring your pet and sometimes at the last minute they have to anyway.

It does cause some problems when the pet is considered part of the family and the host feels inconvenienced by it..... each case is different.......


My pets have always been my family.  I know not everyone agrees with me so I just don't stay with people.  I don't want to cause them discomfort or my pets.  So we stay in pet friendly hotels :)  Works for us.

My dream has always been to get some land and have a dog rescue.  I'm still hoping in 10 years to make that dream come true.
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I don't travel with my cats, because I know it would stress them out, but I always get a pet sitter to visit my home while I'm gone.  I do wish cats could answer the phone though, lol - around day 2 of being gone, I start to miss them and wonder how they're doing.  Glad they can't dial a phone, however.  My one cat would call me 15 times a day at work to let me know she would prefer different food, can't find her sparkle ball ANYWHERE, thinks the sunbeams are deliberately and meanly not falling across her favorite cushion, and when am I coming home?  She's a bit of a drama queen, lol.
This too shall pass.  All is well.


I agree that a pet-sitter can be a many-spendored thing!  :D
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Our pets didn't like being left with the sitter, but would have hated a kennel even more. We've decided no more pets :(

Speaking of how much notice is appropriate, in a funny coincidence we had a family member call 2 hours before arriving for a visit! Luckily the house was 15 min from being company-ready due to company the day before. DH helped with dialing in the rest of it, and I was relaxed and cheerful :) Had the house been a disaster I would have been less than thrilled.
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We usually can get the house cleaned up in time for visitors; what is embarrassing is when a neighbor or friend stops by for an unannounced visit and the house is a wreck with shoes scattered at doorway, papers on the dining room table bc that's where dh does paperwork, dishes not in dishwasher yet, etc.

I have stopped worrying about it much, though, since we had no warning.

I did read about a tip, though...... if your house is messy and you see someone driving up, put the vacuum cleaner right in plain sight and say, "Oh, caught me right as I was about to clean!"
Makes it seem that I was just about to clean up the mess!

Elsie, funny about your cat's "possible" demands!  Cats can sometimes be like that!


LOL, I heard that the comedienne Phyllis Diller kept a supply of "Get well soon" cards in a drawer. When the doorbell rang she'd quickly spread them around, assume a bedraggled expression, answer the door and say "Sorry the place is a mess, I've been so ill.."
Respect ... is appreciation of the separateness of the other person, of the ways in which he or she is unique.
-- Annie Gottlieb


That Phyllis Diller had a good answer for everything!  Good one!

Especially if the people at the door aren't your fave people and you really don't want them to come in and stay for a while or you really don't have time to visit because....

A couple of neighbors of ours are terrified of catching a cold or some other "dreaded disease" by being a quarter of a mile near the "infected" person and if I did Phyllis's tip, there is no way they would even step in the house!  Of course, this is if I really don't want to see them that day (or for several days after!)