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ulterior motive? LOL!

Started by meanlady, May 29, 2011, 07:34:52 pm

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FDIL called in a panic today.  She was traveling down the four lane interstate with her mother on their way to a function and she saw an abandoned kitten in the middle by the concrete median.  It was too late for her to turn around and try to rescue it because there were no close exits and she was taking her mom to a book singing for her mom's bday. Nevermind FDIL and son grudgingly have a minute to spend with me on my birthday!    She was wanting me to go out for her and try to find the kitten in the middle of a very busy four lane highway!   >:(  It so happened that I was leaving shortly and was going to be traveling that way but I also had plans and an arranged time to meet with my niece.    I packed the cat carrier and some thick gloves and proceeded on my way.   My logical mind took over and  I thought about how dangerous this little rescue could be so I made up my mind I would not stop unless I saw the kitten and it looked like I could safely rescue it.   I slowed down to 50 in the farthest lane but I did not see the kitten.   When I call DIL and told her I didn't see the kitten she sounded upset that I hadn't pulled off to the left hand median and walked the median for her.    She started going on about how her tickets to the book signing were $35 and she really didn't want to miss her event with her mother.   Like I should turn around and walk the dangerous highway for her?   Guess she knows who in beneficuary on my life insurance?    ;D  I might what to change my paperwork?   ;D  Called this evening to see if she went back to check on kitten and of course my she and my son were at the big birthday bash for her mother.  I asked about kitten and she curtly responded that she would rather not talk about it.  Guess I am in the doghouse again but at least I am alive.  ;D ;D


Too much! This story belongs in a movie or sitcom. I'm so glad you didn't endanger your life over this, MeanLady. We kind of like having you around!

We get similar treatment from our DIL although no kitten rescues so far.

Respect ... is appreciation of the separateness of the other person, of the ways in which he or she is unique.
-- Annie Gottlieb


I imagine if the kitten was that important to her, she would have turned around. I would haves, lol. I think it was awfully nice of you to at least take the pet carrier. I would think common sense would tell her that kitten could be anywhere by the, time you drove past.


Oh, my you are one mean lady! How is she ever going to be able to forgive you for not doing what she should have done if it was that important to her. (I think you went way beyond the call of duty with the carrier, the gloves and an attempt to find it.)
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What???You wouldn't stop and run along a 4 lane freeway for her hunting a cat? Shame on you!! LOL!! Goodness gracious.. How old is this young lady? Sounds about like one of mine though. She's young enough to really think that anyone in her life was put here on earth to do what she needs and wants.. Wow!! Your story made my night!!


I am just grateful i can see the humor in this story:).  Learning how to b a wise woman and not feeling guilty about things i can't fix.   Thank all of you amazingly strong women!

lancaster lady

We are always totally aware of someone who has treated us badly .
Once bitten ....twice shy !

Keys Girl

I love being in the doghouse.  I lock the door from the inside and enjoy the peace and quiet :-)

Might be an idea to change that life insurance and leave the money to a pet shelter.

Expect more ridiculous requests, and make sure to have the phone number of the State Police/Fire Department handy so you can pass it on to her and she can dial their number, cause they have sirens!

Glad you are OK.

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Above and beyond you went considering it was her quest to go fulfill if she wanted to.  Let her eat cake!  (Oh wait, she already did..)
We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. -
Joseph Campbell



She is clearly VERY self-involved, but I don't think there was an ulterior motive there.  I hope life will teach her some tough, but necessary lessons!

Keys Girl

I agree with Donna, look at your wills but more importantly your next of kin info at your doctor's office, etc.

Would you want these warring relations showing up at the hospital if you were in a car accident? 

Would you want these warring relations choosing a rehab home or a retirement home? I would suggest putting all these delicate issues into the hand of an attorney who will keep them confidential and follow your wishes should something unexpected happen to you.

Of course, don't mention this to anyone, knowlege is power and this could be used as a further reason for hostilities.

As the girl guides used to say "Be Prepared".

"Today I will be as happy as a seagull with a french fry." Author Unknown

Joyce Mitchell

Oh My the things that they can figure to expect from us.  This story is just redicuous!!! I am not saying that I don't believe it because I do.  If your DIL was so worried about a kitten on the highway she might hae thought twice about the book signing but no she called you.  Gotta say your a better woman than I because I might have gone a total different direction than where the cat was spotted.  I am an animal lover and have 2 dogs of my own whom I love. Unbelievable that she could even think to put your life in danger for a stray cat. I am glad to hear you never found the cat and if you did where you suppose to drop it at her house so that she could care for it??? Take care of yourself and your insurance policies.  Maybe you should leave your fortune to all the stray cats in the world :P. Just sayin........


So I can't figure it out, do you honestly think she was trying to get you killed, or was that part a joke?  Some of the responses have taken it seriously, which surprises me, so I thought I'd just ask.


OW, I don't think anyone seriously said that; it's just that being injured or killed is a possibility if one gets out of one's car and walks around on an interstate highway, and it is assumed MeanLady's DIL would know that. I don't think DIL gave her MIL's safety a second thought, frankly, but I also don't think she had an evil plan to get MIL out of the picture.
Respect ... is appreciation of the separateness of the other person, of the ways in which he or she is unique.
-- Annie Gottlieb