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After Thanksgiving

Started by 2chickiebaby, November 22, 2009, 04:47:58 am

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I like your ideas, AnnieB.....maybe these kids are self centered when they first get married; I don't know.  It's not excuse though, that I can see.

I remember being first married, thinking mostly of ourselves but I can't remember not getting my loved ones a little something.  The gifts have gotten, big time out of hand.  It should get back to being something from our hearts.  I doubt if that would go over very well with the DIL.

She is constantly talking about her mother and dad...these are the same people who are nuts.  Walking out of her wedding!  I heard that the amount given by them is must be that the less your give, the more you're loved??

I like your idea about Amazon!!! as they live out of town too!!  She doesn't read but maybe there is something else there.  I wish I lived near you, AnnieB....I'd send you their portion!!! YAY!  ;)


When you think about it all, doesn't it make you laugh to realize how we contort ourselves this way and that to please everybody? DH says NO stockings for people who aren't here on Christmas Eve and morn. DS says YES to stockings, even though he and DIL will arrive mid-late morn, since it's always been a tradition. OK, I'm willing to go against DH (he'll be fine) by including them, but I'm not changing the tone of the stocking stuffers - we do simple, useful or funny things like scotch tape, lint rollers, silly magazines, chile sauces w/interesting labels, etc. No diamond jewelry or BMW car keys in our stockings :) DIL will be perplexed but that's OK.

Does Amazon ship everywhere in the world? Postage to my very very far away relatives was very very expensive this year and I'm not going to do that again.
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Chickie, the odd thing is, the ones who don't give us gifts have been married almost 8 years...

The ones who *do* give gifts have only been married a year.... I think it's personalities... my oldest son is kind of the absent minded professor, my second son has always been generous...

Penstamen,  I'm not sure where all they send to... I use not sure what else they have...check it out though!


Mine is and was always the "absent minded Professor" too!!  I can't believe it.  Both alike....I guess that answers the question.  He needed someone to tell him what to do, like find his keys?