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FDIL said she won.

Started by themuffin, May 03, 2011, 06:23:48 am

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Hi all,

  Thanks for the happy thoughts!

   Rose799, DS will be 23 in August.  August 21st, in fact.  We share the same birthday.  He was a wonderful gift at the time.
   ADIL, THANKS for the support.  I did the running man, the cabage patch and the robot!  ;D
   No worries Laurie,  DS phoned hubby late in the afternoon and it seems he did get a policy. I have no idea how much they are charging him but I can't imagine it's anywhere close to the rates that he had with us.  I truly hope he can make the payments.  I don't want him to fail.  Failure would mean that he might want to come home, and I DON'T want that!!!
   Thanks Sassy, it was such a great feeling that he didn't win his little power play.  And to think we did it solely to help him.  I also hope it all works out for Holly.  I'm sending positive thoughts and energy her way until it is resolved. ;D

Happy Friday the 13th Wise Women!!!! ;D

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Dang, I never have been able to master the running man.......
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