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My early "mother's day" celebration

Started by FAFE, May 01, 2011, 06:24:07 am

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DH and I will be leaving on Wed for a 17 day cruise and will not be home for our DD's first mothers day with her baby.  She invited us over for dinner last night.  We got there around 4, played with the baby, took baby for a long walk in her stroller (first time for us) and just had a great time playing and visiting.  SIL cooked a fabulous meal and we just had a great visit.  I opened my MD's gift and it was a good one.  Gave my DD a nice picture frame and the baby a new outfit.  Her big present from us will be flowers that will be delivered on Saturday.  I'm happy about the trip, but sad that I will miss her big day. 

My DH is always fussing at me about spending so much money on the baby - not really, just grousing like they do.  Anyway, we were talking about swing sets for baby and DD was talking about the kind she wanted at their house.  DH and I discussed it on the way home and this morning he called me to the computer.  Lo and behold he's found the perfect old timey swing set that he wants to get after our trip!  She's not but 6 1/2 months old - but by golley she will have a swing set when she needs it.  We're totally fools over her. 


FAFE, the cruise sounds exciting!  Have a great trip :)

I'm glad you had a good Mothers Day celebration.
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Sounds like fun my DH let me get my Mother's Day present early a Coach Purse.  Yep one happy girl over here.  Have fun on the cruise.  I am doing one for my Grandma's 90th next year a little nervous.  Is this your first one?


That sounds wonderful, Fafe! Enjoy your cruise! (Can I stowaway!?)

I think you live very close to my ILs...they are SW of Atlanta too. I'll wave in your direction as I pass through!

A Coach purse? Well done, SassyDI!


Wow, Mother's Day is shaping up nicely for you ladies - cruises, expensive bags...how lovely! Enjoy! And check your luggage, FAFE...

I'm going to have a back up plan (future spa/beach/wildflower hike/gallery crawl day?) in case my darling children are otherwise engaged (DH says I'm not his mom, it's up to the kids, which means it's up to DS.) DS's MIL usually gets the day and is spoiled beyond belief. This year I refuse to feel like I'm not valued! So there!  ;D  I'd better get started on my affirmations, they help immensely.
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Pen, you might need to give yourself Monday off as well after all of that excitement!!


Thanks all, this is our 4th cruise together.  I think I have been on 2 more that he did not go on.  This is the longest one we've ever done.  It will be 17 days and 9 countries.  I'm excited except for Tunisa - so will not do anything but go to the port just to say I have been in Africa. 

Holly, where are your in-laws?  I am in Newnan. 

I was truly surprised the DD & SIL was not going to his mom's, since we would be gone.  I generally have MD at my house, so they are going to my S&BIL's. 


Cairo...4 hours south of Atlanta.

Tunisia? At least you can say you have been to Africa at a pivotal time!


I do know where that is Holly.

I also meant to say that the cruise is for our 40th wedding anniversary - which is really in July, but we think the weather will be better now. 

Yes, Tunisia - hopefully they will change the port, but everyone says the ship fuels up there fairly inexpensive. 


Have a wonderful cruise and anniversary, F! Sending love...
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lancaster lady

Tunisia was our honeymoon destination 39 years ago ....changed days !


Have a great time FAFE, & happy anniversary!


Have a wonderful trip FAFE!  After our first one last November, we are already looking for another one.  Me and DH both loved it!  And Happy Early Anniversary!
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