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I Don't Have the Energy to Continue Nor Cry Any Longer

Started by Donna, May 09, 2011, 04:24:43 pm

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I must have found your tears, Donna, as mine are streaming as I've read & reread your posts.   Though you've endured more than anyone should have to bear, that isn't why I cried.  I cried because of the compassion you've shown toward those who've hurt you so deeply, & you've done so with such dignity & grace.  I cried because while in the midst of your own suffering, you still managed to reach out to help others.  You are a blessing, Donna.  I'm glad you're here...


I think this hug is for Louise, for Jill, for Soft Willow, for Rose799, for Muffin, for all of the women in the world we don't even know who are enduring this pain.  Rose you are kind, yes my road traveled has been painful but by some redeeming grace I have also been studying Eckhart Tolle and Jack Kornfield for the past two years; which has given me many parallels of my life, and then I think of those now in the USA in a tornado ripped apart world, the people suffering over in the middle east struggling for democracy, I know of the needless use of children in war, there is so much pain greater than I could ever imagine to have experienced.  Individually it has been a journey, but on the grand scale of life, it has been but a drop in the bucket, not even a coloring of the water.  I suppose what I am saying also is it would take a greater act of nature other than what I have been through to destroy my core belief system.  I too am overly joyed to have found this site, as it gave me the knowledge others have the same painful journey, and we all travel it at different levels; but we can all encourage, help, support and give each other the courage to face each day as a new day, a new beginning.  Life is about perceiving, and how we perceive it to be, and then about perspective, and what perspective the outcomes of daily life have upon us, and then about choice, how we choose it to affect us, and then about acceptance, change, anger, grief, hurt, depression, and all that comes when pain is put upon us, but the end result is, we still have choice.  Thank you beautiful women, thank you for being all of your beautiful selves, and being open and caring and loving.  Back at all, ten fold.  Thank you Rose799, few have actually heard my story, it is in coles notes here now, what is different is when I read it, it sounds like it's someone else, which should mean I have a dissociative disorder, but I don't, I know it's all been my life, with a wonderful Great Spirit who has watched over me, through this journey and I share him with all.