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God Bless our Troops!

Started by Pooh, May 01, 2011, 08:14:52 pm

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I really am okay, Pooh. Closure I suppose is just a word tossed around, pretty elusive at best.

I did hear a bit of good news from my brother, who was a guard at Gitmo, then went overseas for a long time on a Fast Team in North Africa and then he spent time in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria in Special Ops. He said there is generally only a spike in recruitment and planning after a successful attack is carried out. He said our successes don't do much to increase activity like that, so you might be right.

He also said that there are only an estimated 1500 people affiliated with Al Qaeda and offshoot groups, and that since so many attacks have killed innocent people in the Middle East, that terrorism has, thankfully, begun to lose it's luster when compared to other, more legitimate means of livelihood.

I might mention, we can all do something to prevent things like this: be vigilant. The NYC bomber was caught because of 1.) a hot dog vendor spotted a smoking vehicle and 2.) an airline attendant was suspicious that a passenger would need an immediate one way ticket but wouldn't have any luggage. They both called in the tips and the Feds were able to keep that plane grounded. Everyday heroes are often forgotten about, but both of those people deserve Medals in my mind. I do think most of us will be safe here....I do worry about the troops though. They don't always have the luxury of time and planning like that had in this instance.

I can always count on little brother to allay my fears somewhat, if not completely.


Thanks for passing along the info, Holly. I've heard similar news as well from people who are also in the know.

I'm glad you're OK, if one is ever OK with these things.
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Quote from: Pooh on May 02, 2011, 06:52:32 pm
I am also hoping this means we can finally start a bigger push to get our Troops home.

I hope so, too...


That is good news, thanks for sharing Holly.  I'm glad you're okay...