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"Easter Basket for GD"

Started by FAFE, April 21, 2011, 05:34:18 pm

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Quote from: Pen on April 22, 2011, 10:33:12 am
There are so many cool things to put in Easter baskets that aren't sugary, not that my kids were completely deprived of sweets, I just didn't like the side effects of a total sugar binge or the tantrum that resulted from being kept from the goodies. I always appreciated gifts for the kids that encouraged creativity and curiosity, such as art supplies, musical instruments & CDs, or magnifying glasses, bug houses or vegetable/flower seeds. What can I say, I had geeky kids. Museum gift shops were the bomb!

Great ideas, Pen, here's a couple of the items I got for gs'...


Thank you for such wonderful idea's Pen! Our grandchildren will like many of those things.


I love geeks :)

You guys are wonderful GMs. I hope your kids/DILs/SILs appreciate you!

I suddenly realized something - DIL doesn't get our love of pretty rocks, wildflowers, dinosaur poo, bugs, star-gazing, etc. Neither of us is wrong, we're just totally different kinds of people. When GC arrive her FOO will be the shopping, candy-dispensing GPs & we'll be the hiking, constellation-finding GPs. I hope there will be room for us!
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We are the fun gp's for our gs.  He even calls us his "young" gp's.  We are both old enough to Medicare (me as of July).  GS's other gp's are in their late 70's and early 80's and are in fair to bad heath, plus they live in Japan, but probably see him more than us.  Anyway, I digress.  When he comes for his summer vacation, he goes fishing, looking for arrowheads, to professional ball games, plays in the woods looking for treasure, etc. 

Hopefully we will be the fun gp's for baby gd as she grows up.  I don't send our gs candy hardly ever - and send him a package for most holidays.  This year I did send 3 plastic eggs tha that had m&m's in them.  GD got a stuffed bunny (yet another one) with a few m&m's with it.  I'm sure her parents will take care of them. 


I've never thought about if I was a fun grandparent? Odd huh?
I'm just so goofy when they show up and happy to hug,love and play with them!! We play and paint,color,read and all those things I suppose we all do with our grandchildren.
I really don't know much about what the other "sets" of Grandparents do with our grandchildren? Do you think I should maybe ask sometime? LOL I almost feel silly that in all these years I haven't given that any thought.
With our 4 year old grandson I do know his Great-Grandparents on his Mother's side. (Her Grandparents) They are wonderful people! They garden and dig dirt with him and he has a wonderful and fun time when he visits them. I do know that.
Then with 2 of the others our DIL's parents live near the beach. But I've never ask any questions about what they do.
While typing this I am thinking that I sure hope our DILs haven't thought us rude for never asking the children questions about visits? We do always ask if they had a fun trip or something along those lines. But that's about it.
I hope I am a "Fun Grandparent" ?? :-\
I'd like to know from some of the DILs here. Do you think that we should ask more questions?
I've always just made statements such as, "I am sure Nana was so happy to you! And it makes me happy that you had fun!" and really not much else.
Wouldn't the grandchildren tell us about what they do with other Grandparents as they get older? Just curious.
Almost every day I come here I find a new something to think of. LOL


Kennedy, I think you are perfect. Don't change a thing. You clearly are just yourself. I dunt think there us a thing wrong with not asking about the other gps.


Excuse Holly as she must be typing from her phone again :)

There is no reason to ask more.. did you have a great time is really question enough.