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Feeling Ashamed

Started by Kennedy, April 19, 2011, 08:33:49 am

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That's why I try hard not to send to many mixed messages... Like the guy in the Lowe's parking lot the other day.. my end of the convo went more like this  "hey butt-head, want to discuss your driving skills?" No hidden meanings, nothing passive/aggressive.. he knew where I was coming from


Quote from: Laurie on April 21, 2011, 12:44:26 pm
Yes.. there is "oh well", "whatever" and the ultimate drop dead term is "yes dear"... I think these are all commonly viewed as being negative when belted out as full sentences.

But God Bless?  I find that to be an all encompassing term, hardly cheapened in any manner.  I guess I'm a little surprised that this would even be questioned and I too am agnostic yet realize that the term/phrase is used as a positive.

LOL, you made me think of that cartoon with Daffy Duck (I think it was called the Hen Pecked Duck).  Every time his wife said something, he replied, "Yes, ma love."  I used to love that. Sometime hubby says it jokingly and we both laugh.  I remember when cartoon used to be funny.....those were the days.

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There's nothing wrong with "oh well" if it's prefaced by "You said Timmy is where Lassie?"
We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. -
Joseph Campbell


Don't get mad, you can bet your butt that by the time that is said I am already prepared to be ticked off.  I do like the panties in a wad though that is pretty classic   ;D Wonder how that would sound in Swedish lol


Good Evening Ladies, I'm sorry but this has been the first chance I've had all day to get on line. My grandchildren have about run me ragged today. LOL "I love it!"
Scoop ( I think is who ask me?) Why I say God Bless? I'll give you my reasons. I don't know if it will be what you are looking to hear?
I say it because I MEAN IT! I always say God bless to people. I refuse to believe I cheapen it in any way! I do hope God Blesses ME and ANYONE I come in contact with. And with some of what I read here and other places I believe we all could use a few blessings.
I do want to say, that it is not my intent to offend anyone. And I'm truly sorry if I have.
I say it to show that I care.
It brings sadness to my heart knowing that there are many families that are hurting!
I've seen where some people print out the words "HUGS" so I guess "GOD BLESS" is my way.
I do know some what you mean though scoop. I feel that way about some words also. I raised my children knowing that you don't say, "I love you or I'm sorry" unless you mean it. There are things that are said without no thought and I don't think its right either. But please believe that when I type the words "God Bless" that I do mean it! and it is said with meaning and thought.
Does that help you any to understand where I'm coming from? I hope so. It's okay if you don't agree with me or your MIL. It is just part of who I am.
Even my grandson told me today that he has remembered his prayers all week with great pride! So "God" is the center of my life and all around me soon learn this about me. I don't hide it is what I suppose I'm saying.
You didn't ask all this though did you? LOL Sorry. Have a nice evening.


OMG I am only 31 years old and I hate when people stay with me even for short times.(depending on the person)  You are so normal my parents would be scrapping the walls if I had to move in with them.  Infact I bet unless it was dire they wouldnt let me back in.  Not that they don't love me but that they love their life free to do what they want when they want. 

I lived with my FIL and wife before and after DH and I were married it was not fun and it really wasn't a good idea.  Hopefully there visit won't last to long.  But I would talk to your DH about it for sure. 


Kennedy, I can tell you who wouldn't want their children and grandchildren around all the time - ME!!  lol  Not that I don't love them, but I raised four children, mostly by myself after my husband died, and while I LOVED being a mother, I am sooooo done with caretaking and mess and noise.

Now having said that, you are all going to laugh at me, or be disgusted, lol, I agreed this November to let my expecting 25 y/o daughter and her fiance to move in with me.  When she first asked me, they were living in his parents tiny little house that contained a total of 6 people.  I have a big house with only me.  I also have MS and can no longer take care of it by myself.  So she offered to help around the house and pay rent.  My initial response was 'no'.  She does not have a history of responsibility.  She was extremely upset, but took my answer gracefully.

You know how sometimes you just know you made the right decision?  Well I had the opposite feeling.  It felt awful and wrong.  After several sleepless nights, I decided she deserved another chance.  And, happily, things are working out.  The baby was born in January, they are wonderful parents, they are both working, they help around the house, they have their privacy upstairs and I do genuinely love them all.

However, I miss my peace and quiet.  There is baby equipment everywhere, a crying baby in the house and the constant coming and going of two busy young parents.   It is very stressful.   It is not what I expected at this stage in my life (I am 56).

So I think it is perfectly normal to like being able to balance time with family and time for yourself too.   It is not shameful to like having 'you' time.  You got great feedback from the women here.  I hope it helped.  :)