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I'm baaaaack! The MIL chronicles: Easter questions..

Started by brandynd, April 16, 2011, 07:59:29 am

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It's been a minute since I've spoken to any of you!  Life took an...interesting toll for me in the last few months, and I do apologize for my sudden absence.  I promise I'll get to the point of my post, but I should probably catch you up on what's been going on since January!  Where to begin?  As many of you know, DH and I have yet to successfully carry a pregnancy to term, an issue that has been a huge source of hurt for us in the past year.
I went to my doctor and was diagnosed with PCOS.  This diagnosis explained a great deal, as I have always watched my diet and excercise, yet have been steadily gaining weight for 2 years.  The doc and I discussed it, and decided VSG surgery would be the best course of action to take, since not only would it help me lose the weight that I have gained, but also increase my odds in the battle TTC.  This was in February, and I'm now down about 40 pounds, and getting ready to hop back on the baby making train!  Woot!
Okay, anyways, as many DIL's on here can probably relate, the holidays can be a tricky juggling act when it comes to the in-laws.  DH and I are sick of having to divide our time and jump from house to house.  So, in an effort to establish our own traditions for our little family of two, I may have somehow accidentally volunteered myself to host Easter for both my family and his.  I have NO IDEA how this happened, but you know me, I just can't seem to keep my mouth shut when I should.  I have perpetual diarrhea of the mouth.  I can't help it--I just have this innate drive to prove to my MIL that I can do the wife thing and be a good hostess.  It just seems like nothing I do is ever good enough, so I find myself constantly trying to outdo myself without even thinking before I speak.  I'm pretty sure I can objectively say that this is one of my biggest flaws.  I'm a try-to-harder (that's a new term that I just made up).
So now we have both my parents, my little sister, & my nephew coming, as well as MIL, SIL's, their husbands, and all six of their children!  (Pause for slight hyperventilation)...I think I may have bit off more than I can chew.  But...I am DETERMINED to make this work.  I know MIL is hoping that I crash and burn just so she can hold this over my head (and that's not me thinking the worst.  She truly feels threatened that we refuse to do 2 trips a day on major holidays, and went so far as to call it unfair.)
MIL hates my mom, but that information was already put into a previous post, so I won't go into that story again.  I'm just hoping that I'm able to actually spend time in the kitchen cooking, and not using all my time acting as a referee in a boxing match!  So here come my questions...what on earth am I supposed to cook?  Ham, I know, but there's 17 people I have to feed, so I'm thinking the usual mashed potatoes, easter braided bread, and roasted green beans and leaks aren't going to do the trick.   
Hopefully someone on here has undertaken a giant meal with a single cook....DH's family doesn't believe in doing anything "potluck style", as they think it's tacky for the host to expect guests to supply any of the food to be consumed.  Help?  I work a full-time job, and I don't want to get up at 4am on Easter trying to prep everything.  I really need to learn to keep my mouth shut when it comes to trying to win over MIL.  :-\


Just because DH's family won't help bring anything, what about YOUR family? Could your mom help bring anything? Phew! That is a LOT of people! :-(


Okay...I popped back in b/c I can genuinely help with this idea and I love to cook!

ADil, I think she needs that pototo casserole recipe. What do you think? It is easy, not so expensive and you can make a lot of it the night before, and just reheat. If you didn't want to do that, you can do macaroni and is great for kids and can also be made the night before, and also pretty easy. Deviled eggs are great to make the night before too.

Could you add some glazed carrots to your menu. They are super easy as well. A nice crisp salad would be great to make too.
I like to supply guests with a lot of appetizers first, they are fun, simpler to make, and makes the entree less burdensome.

17 people is a lot of people but you don't need all that much food to do it. I've done it several times and I always cook too much. I do try to cook what I can the night before, though.

Did you have plans for dessert? Scoop has a cute bunny cake you could make now and freeze until the big day. I'm going to try that, so long as I get my paper done.

You WILL be fine. Cooking reduces a lot of the tension I feel in family get togethers AND it makes me look pretty good in my MIL's eyes (plus, she can't turn down that potato casserole...). You're going to be great.

Good luck with the baby train! It took 5 years and lots of ups and downs but DD is finally here.  It is so hard. I hadn't read your posts before so I wasn't aware that you were going through all of that.


You can do this in advance, too, but don't warm it later, as the glaze will melt off...   Oh yeah, you'll be needing a torch~  ;D

Honey Baked Ham glaze



Quote from: AnonymousDIL on April 11, 2011, 12:00:40 pm
Quote from: Scoop on April 11, 2011, 11:54:41 am
I would really like to eat something called "yummy potato casserole" - I really hope that's the actual name, if not, it should be.

That's what the recipe was titled when it was given to me. :-)

Bag a frozen hashbrowns put into a casserole. Mix up a can of cream of chicken soup with a half cup of sour cream and 8 oz. of cheddar cheese. Pour this over the hash browns and bake at 350 for 30-40 minutes.

I always put extra cheddar on the top. And this time I am going to dice onion and green pepper to put in it. It is delicious. :-)

I mentioned I like to add crushed potato chips on top and bake it.

Pam then mentioned she likes to add crushed salt and pepper potato chips to hers.

It's not any good for you, but it's delicious!


Thanks for poting the recipe, Holly! I just got back on. It is SUPER easy! AND The Bunny Cake!!! ADORABLE!!!!



Is something like lasagna acceptable for Easter?  Hmmm  lasagna and deviled eggs.. not sure about that combo.. but a casserole might be easier


It was as the first course in Italy! But then they brought out lamb, rabbit and veal for the second course. :(


wonder if they have gall bladder problems in Italy


Looks like this year I will only be eating what the Easter bunny brings, i.e. chocolate.  Easter at the in laws!  Actually, it's not so bad, I'm going to bring fruit. 
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Hi Pam... I'd make a big fresh fruit salad and really enjoy it..... I'm a big fan of orange chocolate..makes it sound healthier


Ugh, orange chocolate is yucky!  Or maybe, as I'm coming to find out here, the only kind I have had is yucky!

I'm going to bring spanikopita too.  I just realized that since she always brings extra food to my parties, she probably won't mind if I do it to hers lol. 
People throw rocks at things that shine - Taylor Swift


spanikopita... can't say I've ever had it but looked it up on the net..... looks yummy