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I'm baaaaack! The MIL chronicles: Easter questions..

Started by brandynd, April 16, 2011, 07:59:29 am

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I'm so sorry you had to contend with that, TLC.  I'd have been tempted to tell mil she shouldn't speak ill of your dh's family that way.  After all, dh is part of your family now...  That was very rude of her.  You had it coming from all directions.  Next time, tell your db to come on over, & let them contend with one another.  : )


That is a fabulous idea, Rose!  It would make an even better reality show too :) 
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Laurie, sounds like it went GREAT! Sounds like this should be a pleasant wedding planning time period.

We had sooo much drama with MIL and the Pastor and a few other things with the wedding (like Men's Wearhouse messing up DH's tux 3, Yes, 3! times!!!!) that we were definitely ones who looked at each other after the wedding and went "Now what?" lol Our first few months were HORRIBLE. We fought a LOT. Mostly over money (would have loved to have the joint account prior to the wedding) and well, yep, his mother lol and my brother. They should definitely remember to focus on how they are developing as a couple.

Super exciting!!!

My DH is 6'3" too! I am only 5'3" lol It is like looking up to a giant lol


I feel like I'm preaching to them at times by always saying that a wedding does not make a marriage... it's like the time a woman walked up to my dd who was trying on a prom dress and said wow you make that dress.. it was a valuable lesson that day that the dress does not make the woman (except for that one that Jennifer Lopez wore a few years back).

I think keeping things fun, casual and youthful should make for a event that they will forever cherish.  I think DD was shocked when her fmil said.. I seldom think of my wedding day ... I think about mine but not like my dd feels she will forever see her day.


TLC, no excuse for a comment like that.  Maybe for her birthday present, you could give her this song by one of my friends!  (Insert evil laugh here because I am just mean enough after a comment like that to do it!)

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