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My weekend... Good for a laugh

Started by AnonymousDIL, April 04, 2011, 07:17:20 am

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Quote from: Pen on April 05, 2011, 10:45:29 am
Men need to deal with their FOO issues before proposing marriage. I would run like the wind if a BF was still tied to his mommy. It would only bring misery to be the one blamed for taking him away.

In my situation I feel it was dishonorable for DIL to pretend she liked us, planning all along to make her FOO the main event.

I agree with you.  But in a lot of situations you just don't know how bad it is/was until the deed is done lol.  I had some inklings but again, no one is perfect and I just assumed that there were some quirks that most people have.  I also assumed that weddings make people nuts and it would settle down in time. 

I don't think I would have ran away if I had full knowledge but I definitely would have my requirements up front that would have to be met before I said I do. 
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Yeah, I went to the Renaissance Faire and didn't quite "get it." I was told by some chain mel clad Lord that I wouldn't "get it" without dressing up.

I'll save that $26 bucks next year. Never need to do that again.


This is how computer game addicts are born...they just love the fantasy. I have enough trouble negotiating the pitfalls of real life.
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LOL, Pen! That's why I wanted to take DH to the Faire, he too is a computer game addict.

He was just as uncomfortable as I was. I was a tad relieved he was.


My son would live at the festival in his freakish outfits.. last year he and his gf wore the Japanese ceremonial gowns.. ok that was odd but not strange I guess... but he said that he thinks that the festival is for every overweight woman who wants to wear something scandalously skimpy .. he said Mom you'll love it why don't you go?... Hmmm NO   

We live on the same road as the festival.. this goes on for 6 weeks.. traffic backs up for approximately 5 miles in every direction morning and night.. we have our secret way out of the subdivision, but I try not to go anywhere.. especially the grocery store, they are all over the place... only thing worse would be a trekie convention :)


We have a thing at our affiliated camp next door called the Lights of Christmas that lasts for three weeks in December and ties traffic up for miles in both directions. ]/tthey have all kinds of shows and eatieries and even a bed and breakfast. Lots of our residents volunteer there. I do the "bah-humbug" thing.
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Sooooooo, word on the street is MIL is PO'ed about Saturday. She texted DH to complain that we didn't spend enough time with her and that everyone (BIL1, us, FIL) left at the same time. BIL1 leaving was a coincidence. We left the same time FIL did because it was getting late, DH had to drop off the trailer at FIL's. Yes, we talked with FIL for a bit before DH's "lovely" sister showed up. She shouldn't be upset. We were leaving regardless of whether or not FIL was leaving. If she treated us with a little more respect, we would want to spend more time with her.


Word on the street is that your MIL is a pill......
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Word on the street is that "respect" is in a foreign language...no use using it. She is how and what she is...how and what you are is all that matters. Sending love...
Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. Dalai Lama