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From an MIL hate site

Started by 2chickiebaby, November 07, 2009, 07:38:26 am

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Here's one for ya....I couldn't believe this woman, and felt so sorry for the man who was going to marry her...

OK, I was browsing a DIL's I hate my MIL site...a young woman who was just about to get married says....I hate my FMIL...she and her husband refused to pay for the alchol at my wedding...and once we're married she'll never ever see her son again, or her grand children....??????   >:(  I mean, can you believe the hate that she projected...she was swearing and very adamit about this...the only thing I could think of was..."man, that poor poor person she is about to marry, is he ever in for it.

What a spoiled hateful immature person...and they are out there...I never ever realized this until it happened to me....



Dear Cremebrulee,
I am constantly trying to keep from looking at what they are saying.  I am like a moth to a flame...I can't believe the things they say about his Mother! They are encouraged to do it too.

These sites are making money with advertisers and it's all to tell his Mother off!  It is insulting and yes, the poor guy who marries this spoiled brat is in for it.  They usually try to persuade their DH's in a more subtle way but many of them do it.

I know there are wonderful DILs out there.  Some of them are on this board and I love them, even though I don't know them.  They wouldn't be here if they weren't trying to understand. 


cremebrulee, that's a horrible story. :( I wonder where the DIL-to-be even got the idea that it was her ILs "job" to pay for these things?  Unless they offered to previously, or demanded it be served (both things I've seen happen, unfortunately), the bride-to-be should shut up and learn how to budget (something I've not seen happen often enough).


She just assumed that it was they're job to pay for the drinks, and also the wedding party dinner....

You should have heard her hateful and full of vengence...can you imagine being married to her????  Sheesh, that poor man...who is probably by now married to her....

Ugly person....