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Close DIL

Started by 2chickiebaby, November 05, 2009, 07:00:44 am

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It must sound like I'm a complete nut and I guess I am but close DIL does not want to have distant DIL at her house for a few days at Thanksgiving.

She and I are close but let me tell you, if things don't go her way, watch out.  She is very selfish.  Distant DIL would give anything to be a part of her life but she won't let her.  It's not because of us.  It's because there is something about her that she doesn't get along with.  I actually hurt for distant DIL at the shenanigans close DIL has pulled with her.

Close DIL is upset (probably at me) for them staying with them rather than with me.  I cannot help the situation.  I have no control over her.

I've been close DILs servant for years.  Now that the kids have grown, she doesn't need a slave as much.  She must be the boss and if you don't play her game and worship her, you're out.  I don't want any trouble with her so I still play her game.

Poor distant DIL.....how many more times does she have to be "told in so many words" that she is not welcome?  Lord!! Does she not get it? 

Distant DIL, after staying all night with them, brought the sheets downstairs and asked if she could wash them?  Close DIL, who had been acting so rude to her all day told her, "no". So, distant DIL took the sheets back upstairs.

In 2 minutes, close DIL brought the sheets down from upstairs where distant DIL had slept and made sure she saw the sheets and washed them.

The other thing is: last Christmas we went to distant DILs and sons. Close DIL and son took THEIR children horseback riding and left 3 little boys (distant DIL's kids) sitting there not taken.

Heartbreaking.  That's what I'm up against with these people.  No wonder I'm half nuts. 


Oh, do I know what you mean, Anna!!  I am so sensitive that I should be a psychic!  I know that's not good, at least in my belief system but I can feel people's pain.  That could be part of my problem since I tend to think they feel like I feel.  Maybe they don't?