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What happened tonight

Started by 2chickiebaby, November 04, 2009, 05:11:51 pm

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My husband and I went to dinner tonight and next to us was a young couple with 3 boys....they were darling.  I could only see the tops of their heads, we were divided by booths.

I talked to the little boys and the Mother seemed so nice. I said what I always say: "you're going to have Daughter in laws"

She sheepishly said, "I know.  I hope they're good ones"

I asked her: "do you like your Mother in law?"  Her husband answered for her, "no, she doesn't"

She smiled and answered, looking at her husband, "well, not really"

I asked him what he thought about that?  He said, "I don't care.  What am I supposed to do about it?"

She seemed so nice and friendly but, you know? they never like their Mother in law.  They just don't.  Men can't seem to do anything about it and that's that.  Or, they just don't want the hassel. 


Or, they just don't want the hassel

I really do think that is some of it right there.  I know that my DH seems like he's accepted the way his parents are and even told me after I'd cry about it, he'd say, "don't feel bad they wouldn't have accepted Princess Diana if she'd been my wife."  I think that men are not as relationship oriented the way women are.  My DH only really thinks about three things, his job, sleeping, and ball games (he's sitting next to me right now watching the end of the world series).  I think he would rather not see his family as much than confront his mom's behavior towards me. I don't know if most men are like this but it just doesn't seem like a big deal to him.  He loves to go see his extended family and he loves talking with one of his uncles because they have a ton in common but DH really doesn't act like its a big loss not seeing his family that much.  Of course there's some history there too in his childhood that I've not shared but it so involved.  I'll just say one word, alcoholism was a problem in his family when he was growing up etc.  Maybe that's why he's so indifferent. Who knows?


I want to live to see this day also.  I want revenge; I want justice.  I want to see what 3 DILs will do to this woman who so carefully and deliberately  broke our hearts.
If I only live to see this one day, that's okay with me.  It will be enough.