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Started by irenic, March 02, 2011, 02:41:08 pm

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How can one stand the disconnection?  I try so hard, then this month is the date of my fathers birthday, mother's birthday, father's death date mother's death date. 

I bought a card today to send to my daughter, I tried callling her yesterday, she had another person answer her
phone and hung up on me.  Hurt, on man it hurt, but again I set myself up for it.

Some days I hang in and then months like this it is so hurtful, she and I were so close to my mother and father.

I am trying to stay busy, but I miss her and my grandkids so much.  How can someone continue to take the
abuse of a horrible, nasty, spiteful, evil daughter, and I don't say that lightly, she is unbelievable.  Does anyone else
have a daughter that dishes out such horrible things and then says she no longer has a mother, I am dead to her.

I was her best friend, I have found a plaque she had done and signed by the Mayor, she is his assistant, saying how
wonderful I was and how dedicated I was to my family, how can this be that I don't exist now?


Irenic, I am so sorry for the situation you have. I totally understand where you are. I used to say the same things, ask why etc. As Luise might say, "asking why is an exercise in futility". It makes so much sense. Sometimes the issues do not lie within us, but instead they lie in the person who cuts off his or her family members. Not always, I know that, but sometimes. It is very hurtful, I have the same situation in my life with one of my sons. I  miss him and the grandkids. He too put stuff that was awful on Facebook. I did not go snoop on his Facebook place though, he put it on MINE. I blocked him as well as his wife. I do not need to know what awful things they are saying, it serves no purpose. Funny how one day you are a wonderful mom, then the next they abandon you totally. Please do not set yourself up for the pain and hurt. Been there, done that. Take care of yourself. Do you have friends to talk to? I'm glad you post on here to let it out. Wishing you peace.