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Started by cadagi101, March 01, 2011, 06:01:43 pm

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Hi Everyone,

I love to read every single post in this forum, but never before got the courage to post!
Would you please help me on this one.....Long story short, married over 15yrs, the first ten yrs
I tried to win my in laws heart; but no luck. Due to DH job we were never close to his home,  and when we visited
they were somehow cordial to say the most. DH always say "they are just like that", but I could see how nice they treated other people.
I had two babies from a previous relation and I believe that is what they did not like about me....after 10 yrs of them only sending Birthday and XMAS cards and presents to DH, and completely ignoring the kids and I; finally I got the courage and say enough is enough and told DH, I am refusing to get hurt any longer. So, pretty much I don't reach out any more.
It really hurts that DH never stands up to his parents, his excuse is that they are different.
Today he got his Family Reunion Invite, only his name on the envelope. On the relatives names roster shows only his name, but his cousins and siblings spouses names are included next to their names.
When I bring stuff like this to DH attention, he say is me; that there is nothing wrong with that!
Please help me, I just want to know if this is "normal". Could it be that I am over sensitive now because of my past experiences with them?

Thank You

I found this post and it was interesting.    I did reply at the time and now I am wondering if you went or not and how things went.     Of course only reply if you want to share the experience.