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How does your Husband react to your devastation?

Started by 2chickiebaby, November 02, 2009, 05:06:17 am

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so I guess the moral of my story is, you never know what truly goes on in someone else's life.   I think in-law problems are, sadly, very common.  My cousin & I found out, that no matter how it looks from the outside no family is perfect, & without problems.

As I was reading all of your posts, I thought this same thing.  Things can look perfect on the outside but when your dealing with flawed human beings nothing is going to be perfect, I promise. 

She also said that her adult children would probably have to sneak into the bathroom to put artificial tears in their eyes at the event of her death because they seem to care so little about her

Oh my gosh! That is so horrible!  I don't want my mom to ever feel that way.  I hope she doesn't.  Sometimes when I'm trying to avoid my sister and her criminal behavior my mom gets caught in the cross fire.  I will definitely have to work on that.  Thanks for sharing.


are you freakin (notice the youthful word?)  kidding me?  Your Sister had this happen too and you didn't know it?  Well, that makes at least 5 of us or 6 and now, I feel even better.

I'm not well, though so don't leave me. 


Oh yes, my sister had that happen to her and so much more! I have been trying to encourage her to join us here. I honestly believe what has happened to her is worse than any I have read so far including mine. Matter of fact, she refers to us all as the 'Mothers Club' and stated that so far she has the blue ribbon and no one has topped her yet ! ( she has been reading our posts )


Ie... my sisterI

I honestly didn't know all this was going on in her life. All I ever heard was how adorable the grandchildren are and how often they see them, kept them all night...so on and so forth..


You know that is exactly what I said to my sister " If I thought for one second I had hurt my mother like that, I would be begging for forgiveness". Isn't that just awful?


Anna, your DIL is exactly like mine and I had zero idea of what a control freak was either.  She just is one. It's like she is terrified of the word, "I'm sorry".  I have never seen anything like it.  How can that be?

I know I'm too sensitive but gosh, this woman is not normal.


Mom2's Sister,
Please join us....we're all in the same boat.  We're fabulous people who would love you to death!


Thank you Chickiebaby for the invitation for sister... bless her heart, she has been through it too. I talked to her a little while ago and told her I had posted a couple things for her and she was happy about that and has asked me to post another one.

Her health is very bad and I know that most of it is due to grief and stress but anyway when she was in the hospital with pneumonia , her youngest son showed up fully dressed in mask gown and gloves ( he had already been informed that she was NOT contagious); it almost destroyed her. While he was there, the nurse was in the room and told him several times " honey, your mom is not contagious '" He kept his distance by standing back away from her.
She ( sister ) said it made her feel as if he thought she was dirty.

Some of the things ' mothers club' we do talk and sometimes laugh about... not cause it's funny but because sometimes, it's laugh or cry. It's all a tragedy.


oh, that just makes me hurt for her.  I can only imagine how that made her feel.  No one could have made our son act that way toward us in the past....what happened?  He got married. 

First of all, the DILs say just enough to them, little by little to make them think less of you.  They are grown men so they have their say in it too but boy oh boy...when the control freak gets hold of him, he either shapes up and ships his Mother out or he can get out. 

It's as simple as that.  Also, she has more kids so he feels more and more responsible, which he should be.