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Need Opinion from MILs and DILs

Started by SaadMom, February 02, 2011, 07:20:31 pm

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Thanks Pooh....good to be someone's hero (lol)---made my day.

Love you. 
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Your welcome Nana.  Love ya too!  ;D

Pam, I have mixed feelings on her job.  I am all for someone opening a door for you (friend, family, etc.) and I don't see anything wrong with him helping her because it is a hard place to get a job.

But, it is also a pattern for her parents to do everything for her and hand her everything.  So I also think it is just another thing that she didn't have to work for, and will not appreciate.  She would expect it.

I would help a friend get a job, if I thought they were qualified, but I wouldn't do it if they expected me to find them a job....yeah...I just confused myself with that thought....LOL
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