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Grandparent's Name

Started by holliberri, February 10, 2011, 07:18:14 am

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Hey All,

I'm just wondering how you all decided what your name was?

Was it different for the other set of grandparents? Do you both have the same name? Did you wait and let the baby pick it once they could talk? Did you have your children pick it? Did you pick it yourself?


Hey there Holli.. I once asked that myself.. and then I found a site that listed all kinds of different grand parents monikers to choose from.. I'm afraid I might be straddled with Faux Ma


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Oh...that's a new one.

My dad wants to change his name to something fishy (if any of you are interested as to why, PM me, it has something to do with my eldest niece's name). But, my niece is 3, and she's used to calling him something else. Have any of you changed your name that late when you already have 3 GKs?

My mom had her name picked before her GDs were born, and my MIL is having a hard time picking. She's been through 7 names so far...and now she's settled on the one my mom chose for some reason. She likes it, and she recently started teaching my nephew to call her that. She wants DD to call her the same thing, and she has asked that my mom change her name now.

I always called my GPs two sets of different names; and while DH called his GPs the same thing...he added the last name to it to make it different. My problem? My mom's last name and my MIL's last name are the same. (DH and I are not related...lol). I'm not sure how to differentiate the two if they have the same name. I also am a tad concerned that my mom will hit the roof, considering the two were picking different names at the baby shower to be different from one another.

Laurie...I have a name picked out for you already.

Do any of you have the same name as the other set of GPs? Has it worked out? I'm asking honestly.


Oh I can't  wait to hear what you have picked out for me :)

I had two sets of grandparents who we called the same thing.... grandma and grandpa.  My great grandparents were.. you guess it.. grandma and grandpa, until one cousin came up with "Grandma on the bumpy road" since my great grandparents and my grandparents lived one street apart.. it was the easy way to distinguish. 

My kids had the traditional 2 sets.. all grandma and grandpa... their great grandparents were.. grandma and grandpa.... I think we are into simplicity


I PM'd you.  :D

So...this idea of "different" names is relatively new I guess? I didn't know that. It would be a lot simpler if they all would just call themselves grandma and grandpa. LOL.


My DD has 2 Grandmas and 2 Grandpas and she always knows who we're talking about.

My Mom has a funny version of her name and we sometimes refer to her as "Grandma Cute-name".  In fact, the kids and the teachers at DD's daycare call her that too.

My MIL has a cutesy nickname from her childhood, that, if our relationship were better, she would be called Grandma "Nickname".  But no one really considered it (neither SIL who's kids are older, nor DH, nor even MIL) and I wasn't about to insist.

We refer to DD's great-grandma as Grandma-First-Name, or just Daddy's Grandma.

Sometimes the kid comes up with the name, but usually it's how the Mom and Dad refer to the grand-parents that beats out anything else.


Quote from: holliberri on February 10, 2011, 07:44:39 am
I PM'd you.  :D

So...this idea of "different" names is relatively new I guess? I didn't know that. It would be a lot simpler if they all would just call themselves grandma and grandpa. LOL.

Oh and I thank you for sending that in private :)  If grandmas and grandpas work for you, then go for it... my kids had never been in the same room with all 4 grandparents until this past Christmas.. there was no confusion :)


I have one in mind for MIL, since every single one of them wants to be something different (which given that my stepfather and father are together often, that might make sense).

She has always signed gifts/cards with "Georgia ______" She signed it Georgia Grandma for awhile but she decided it was a mouthful. I figured GG might work (or GiGi?), as Georgia Grandma is a mouthful for a toddler.

I think she liked it, but I think she wants her GKs to consistently call her the same thing. I guess I'll just refer to her as that and maybe it'll catch on. Our nephew and DD are the least likely to be together, they live halfway around the world.

My dad though...I don't know what I'm going to do about him. "Splash" just doesn't seem like a good name to me. I think this is his way of going through a mid-life crisis. The fancy cars and young girlfriends were never his style.


Holli.. I think kids will always come up with their own names as well.. We all knew who Grandma-on-the-bumpy-road was but my  mom sure didn't refer to her that way, even when speaking to us.   My  grandpa (great grandfather) I often called Gumps, Grumpy, or Gramps  which ever came out of my mouth at the time.. he called me Laurie or hey you chucky girl lol


Growing up, I had a Mema and Papa and a Granny and a Poppy.  My kids and neices and nephews all called my mother, Grannie first name.  Husbands parents were Grandma and Grandpa.

My grandmotherly name is Fafe.  That is what my little brother called me because he could not say my real name (which is very common).  So, all my brothers and sisters called me Fafe.  My oldest neices and nephews all called me Aunt Fafe.  My daughter said if she ever had children that is what they'd call me.

When oldest son got married, his wife who is Japanese would not call me by my first name.  So, we just told her to call me Fafe.  When their son was born, it was just the name that was out there.  Now that I have the new baby girl, I am Fafe to her also. 


DH's parents and mine are way too insecure for same names. I thought it would be adorable to have the kids pick, but I'm guessing they're too insecure for that too. I hadn't considered that the kids would call them something regardless of what they called themselves. On-the-bumpy-road is cute!

Fafe, I really like the story of how your name came about, that's so cute and it seems like it has really taken on an identity for you. My brother calls me Howard; I hope no one remembers that long enough to make it my grandmotherly name!


HB, when my middle child was about 6, he came home one day and told me he had finally figured out why he did not have an Aunt Fafe like his cousins.  He realized that was what they were all calling me. 


Awe...that's too cute! For some reason, I thought your name was an acronym. I like your story much better than my original thought!


I thought the same thing Holli.. so would the  be pronouced with a long A and a long E?

lancaster lady

My husbands family were Italian ,so our surname is Italian ....I'm Nona and he's Papa .
no doubt when baby is big enough , she'll have  her own pet name for us ....hope it's nice ...lol