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Started by penelope, January 27, 2011, 04:06:20 pm

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I was just sent a reply from dil,she was very honest...she said she doesn't know how to act around us for fear of making someone mad...so she does pull away and avoid us~she said she wants us to have a wonderful relationship to,she wasn't sure how to answer my letter so she had to think about it and thats why it took awhile~i told her I will work on not being so judgemental,I have to stop thinking ppl should act and be the way we are or the way I feel they should be~I could just cry I'm so happy~I hope this continues becouse I really want more than anything to have a peacful home~now I just have to get the rest of my family on board~I said to my 16 yr old today,we need to realize your bros married and his wife has to come first,he smiled and said noooo his little bro comes first:) we are such a close family I'm affraid no matter who comes in good or bad we will feel threatened and selfish~I hope I can keep the good vibes going,Thank You all for helping me to see what needed to be done...I seen myself in so many posts..I hope she truely does love my son,time will tell~



This is wonderful! I'm very happy she responded. I was hoping that she would, and I think her reply is wonderful! Very good news!  :D :D :D


when I seen her reply...I thought oh this could be good or reallll bad,I was scared,now I just have to see how the other ds gf responds,I think there may be some jealousy there,the girls all know the same ppl and it can get mean,so I was careful how I worded it,I wanted the point of lets all stop talking behind eachothers backs to get across,we are all guilty of it even me,when my dil was discussed I was right there to...then I decided we needed to stop,so a few months ago I started nipping it in the bud when I was around,I'm sure my ds gf called me 2 face:b My married son had a crush on my oldests son gf when they were in their senior yr,the guys have gotten over it ,when I was told about it over the summer she was there and smirked..I ignore it:) right now,all is right in my household,Ihope it continues to do so~Thank You for showing me a dil point of veiw~


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That's terrific!   :D :D