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Thanksgiving Plans?

Started by 2chickiebaby, October 27, 2009, 02:00:16 pm

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I'm so sorry, Just2be....so sorry!! 



Our dinner will be here with Daughter/Sil and kids. Lots of good good food and togetherness. In light of everything that has happened, we still have so much to be thankful for. Sounds like most/all moms are having a nice Thanksgiving so that makes my heart happy!!!


it's so good that you have a daughter....it will be wonderful. 



I'll be doing what I normally do...making a big meal to serve around 1 pm, then having homemade caramel corn and kettle corn while watching the game, and then having turkey sandwiches at night.  My children and their families, friends, and coworkers have been invited to stop by at any point and grab a bite with us, so I imagine if things go like they normally do, that I'll have our neighbors and our youngest son at lunch.  Middle daughter and her boyfriend will make it around game time, and older son and his family will be here for the sandwiches.  Though I have to say I'm not one to get worked up if someone in the family can't be there.  I'd rather see them on a different day when they're not stressed than see them "on the day" after they've had to move the kids multiple times and stick to a schedule.  I like a laid back holiday, and if I had to do that, I'd be miserable. 


My DH and I are celebrating Thanksgiving alone together at our new house.  I need a break from the IL's after our disasterous House Warming party.  Did agree to do Christmas with the IL's. Hopefully, all goes well!!


I hope all goes well for you too, Scarlett.

I finally got up the courage to ask DS what their plans were. He says they'll be celebrating with DIL's family around noon, and then coming our way for the evening meal, just like last year. Not sure if he's checked it out with DIL yet. After all the horrible things she said about us I can't imagine she'd be comfortable walking into our house, but we're prepared to let it go if they actually make an appearance.

DIL's family's noontime celebration cannot be changed, ever!! Our family used to eat around 2 pm, so this has been a bit of an adjustment - not earthshattering, but I confess to feeling a little resentful. This new time makes it difficult to get DD home, and it limits the time DS and DD get to spend together, but we'll deal as we always do, unless we decide to eat at 2 pm anyway and they can have leftovers or dessert when they get here - which will hurt DS's feelings. Leftovers will taste just as good, though. Maybe if he has to sacrifice a little he'll understand  more what we're going through - either that or he'll feel rejected and DIL will use that against us. I hate having to second guess everything. Sometimes I feel like a conspiracy theorist:)

Of couse, all this is moot if DIL refuses to come. On to Christmas awkwardness!
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When I was newly married and had my son from previous marriage and new daughter in tow complete with all the bottles/diapers/toys, etc, not to mention things for pre-teen son. We had Turkey Day at MILS early, then my mom's or my sis' house, then to HIS brothers.  I looked at these women and there they were all in their own homes.  I had a stomach ache, headache, crabby sticky kids and a husband that I swear drove home fast asleep.  IT WAS AWFUL.

   I came to the conclusion I would make MY OWN dinner from then on.  No MORE running here and there.  Told everyone else award winning desserts/coffees at my place anytime.  No one came.  Fine.  I was home.   The house smelled delicious and there were plenty of desserts to share with neighbors.   
    No running.  No deciding who gets firsties.  Forget it.  I wanted my own traditions for MY kids!   And I have been doing that for the last 23 years.  Except for ONE, when we flew to NC to have T-day at dd/sil new home.  I love the smells.  The sounds of the parade.  ETC. 
   Anyone here is invited as well.  Be prepared to nap after eating because we are boring people.  LOL


My husband was 30 when died 11/22. My son was 14 years old.  :-\ We were devastated and from then on referred to thanksgiving as "dead bird day"  We did not "celebrate" dead bird day because it was so close to the day his father died. Now my son died as a result of a motorcycle accident.

Rules my daughter in law set, I am not allow to spend any holidays with my granddaughter. However, I will have her this weekend and we will make arts and crafts turkeys. Other than that thanksgiving is just another day.


I'll be cooking at home this year.  I hope it turns out!  Happy THanksgiving to all!