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At my wits end

Started by farrelly80, January 11, 2011, 01:40:40 pm

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So she really is now set on having absolutely no communication with you all because of this baby scan misunderstanding?  My gosh.  I hope you have patience- you will need it.  I'm very happy your son will still come around with your grandson!  That's great news!


Since she has admitted to ds that she had over reacted and accepts some of the responsibility for the fall out.. it would be a great time to try and mend the bridge from your side as well.  Reaching out and asking for no hard feelings would be a gracious move.

I saw a movie just last week where the characters had very strong English accents.. and they were cussing each other out.. I only understood every 5th word... Oreilly's husband probably could have called me anything and I may  have missed it in the accent.  I  really love some of the terms used as well.. like when she made mention of gf saying  'don't ring me' ... All I know is it brings me back to my absolute favorite movie, To Sir With Love...  One day I hope to travel :)


Oreilly, I'm glad your DS and GS are going to be seeing you. It sounds as if you've made peace with letting the GF situation settle a bit, but perhaps in a short while you can try again. As Laurie said, things are moving in a positive direction. I think you should go slowly and carefully as if you are dealing with a shy, skittish colt - don't make any sudden moves or try to get too close too soon. Approach with a sugar cube in your open palm, IYKWIM.

Enjoy your visit!
Respect ... is appreciation of the separateness of the other person, of the ways in which he or she is unique.
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lancaster lady

Can you remember way back when you are just expecting ??
Your hormones are all over the place , and sometimes you hate everyone ?
Well perhaps just maybe , this is the case here .
Sugar cube sounds good to me Pen ....but then I do have a sweet tooth .... :P



What does IYKWIM mean? I usually like to figure it out..but man, you've got me stumped. LOL.


Quote from: holliberri on March 10, 2011, 05:00:49 am

What does IYKWIM mean? I usually like to figure it out..but man, you've got me stumped. LOL.

I can't figure out the I... the rest is
i- if (?)
y - you
k - know
w - what
i - I
m - mean


LOL, I've never seen that one before. That make sense now. Thanks! I'll have to use it.