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"You're Going To See Les Of Us In 2011!!"

Started by luise.volta, January 09, 2011, 07:12:23 pm

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OK...this is our diet blog.

I will start it out by by saying that I never was overweight the first 1/2 (42 years) of my life but I have been an accordion ever since. I'm 5 ft. 2 In. My closet goes from a size 6 (145 pounds) to a size 20 (205 pounds.)

In June, after that fracture and losing Val to nursing...I had climbed back up to 193. I went back on Nutrisystem which really works for me and I am currently at 173. I got down to 167 but didn't hold that line.

I really need exercise and feel I am ready to go back to Curves (my all time fitness fave) this coming week. As I wrote elsewhere, I am a groupie and do better with structure...thus my treadmill gained 10 pounds...all dust.

So, that's where I am. I will weigh myself, go back to Curves and do Nutirsystem as my plan "to become less in 2011."  And I will report in weekly whether I like it or not.

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Sounds like a plan to me Luise.....I am the same way as well I need others with me or someone to crack the whip so I exercise...and it is always so much fun doing it with a group than by yourself..inspiration at its best.....

Now, I am 5'9 (LOL~have not shrunk yet) and I am in a misses 16 which I am not pleased with at all!!!!!   2 years ago I was in a 12 and happy with that.....I have my 40th reunion coming up in July this year and would Love to get back in my size 12.

A friend of mine is a Nutrishinist and she tells me all the time...when craving sweets--go for oranges, pears and raisins.....But what is also important is to eat foods which "burn the fat."  Such as any type of nuts even a daily dose of cinnamon burns the fat......along with greens.

This is the year of me~~~~"lets go for it..."  But remember Luise, its always good to leave a few "Love Handles" available..... ;)    Hugs.....Faith ;D