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House cleaning as a release

Started by LaurieS, October 28, 2010, 11:27:24 am

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Hey Pen,  we talked about the concrete counter tops but once again they need to be sealed and while it might not be a big deal, we were on a reduced maintenance crusade when we started building this house.  In my last house I got a pretty good deal through Home Depot, when Silestone was running a special... Lowe's carries a different brand, but each are connected with installers and both really do seem to stand behind the installers work.   I never looked into the recycled glass counters, but I've seen it used on HGTV (my televisions default channel) and it is certainly a pretty product... just be sure to ask about hot, cold, scratches, and stains. 

If you didn't... be sure to follow the link I posted for the Protect-All products.. I buy it online but they do sell the cream base in the rv department at walmart (also works fantastically on vehicle exteriors and dashboards).. I like the can of protect all shine. 

Had to laugh the yesterday.. DD called to ask.. "So what are you suppose to do when vinegar alone isn't enough"


Quote from: luise.volta on January 03, 2011, 08:14:06 pm
I've got the cutest 1967 Formica! Eat your hearts out!  ;D ;D ;D
Formica will always have it's place as an American icon... I loved when they use to use the shiny metal strip along the edge


Laurie Luise et all,

I have formica now and it's good and durable except it is so ugly---dark brown with grey and black!  Hideous!  And as you said it has a big raised hump where someone set something hot on it. 

I really would like marble but that is so hard to keep stain-free that even a web site on stone countertops doesn't recommend it.  I had granite once and never again---nonstop cleaning and never felt it was really clean, either.  Plus both marble and granite have to be re-finished with chemicals every so often.  Heck, I want a countertop, not a new baby----Laurie, do you worry about the chemicals in Protect All near food?  Can you set hot things directly on the quartz, like granite?

Formica is a good choice. I've always loved it.  The only reason I might chose stone now is that our kitchen runs into our dining/living room.  Some natural surface would really be a much nicer design feature.

Thanks so much,



Good Morning  Kathleen..... I always  keep hotpads in my drawers to prevent having to set an extremely hot pot or pan on my counter tops... I don't know what the manufactures warnings would be concerning direct heat.  I have on the other hand  set ice cold and frozen items down but while sitting here thinking about it.. I tend to set frozen meat on a plate first then on the counter.

The Silestone that I chose, Bianco River, was originally viewed as a marble look.. I don't really agree but I have had people ask if it was  marble in the house.  There is not true veining but more like splotches.  I used the straight cut front edge instead of going with decorative edging, saving quite a bit of money but quartz manufactures often have specials for free upgraded edges.

To answer your question about Protect-All... to be honest I've never really thought about using it on the counters then preparing food.  I guess I'm a little anal (no kidding huh) and always use cutting boards... there are a couple of things that I do place directly on the counter and while one of my children was born with 2 heads I can't say that I've noticed any harmful affects.   


Wow Laurie, it's gorgeous!  Thank you-----

And its so cleeeeeeeean!  How many gallons of vinegar per day do you use to keep it so shining?

Would you say it has more white or more grey tone?  I will need a grey tone.

Thanks a bunch,



This has a white tone to it.. I'm sure between the big name manufacture of quartz that you'll find the perfect color, but we've been extremely pleased with the product.  Hope all that helps.. have a great day


Quote from: Laurie on January 04, 2011, 09:17:42 am
..... I always  keep hotpads in my drawers...

Well that opens up a whole new discussion, missy.
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