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"Tiny Promises"

Started by Faithlooksup, December 30, 2010, 10:28:53 am

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Greeting again Wise Women!!!

With our New Year coming in any day now and being I never make New Year Resolutions for the simple fact that I just dont keep them!!  However what I do, is I make "Tiny Promises" to myself.  I do not break promises, for if you break promises to yourself~~then you will break promises to others.  So here are my "Tiny Promises" to myself.

1:  To be the best person I possibly can be.
2:  To Forgive all Past Hurts for that is what they are "the past"~today is the present, tomorrow the future.
3:  To become Wiser and stronger everyday.
4:  To enjoy and live my own life.
5:  To renew past aquantances and estranged relationships~(Whew that may be a doosey, but its a promise to myself.)
THATS IT, for if I get carried away here somethings gonna blow.
Now, if anyone catches me NOT keeping my promises~~pleeeze feel free to say something for we all need that little kick or reminder..... ???

Happy New Year...Hugs and Peace...Faith


to simply get thru today, as honestly and caring and understanding as I can be....yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not here yet, so at my age...getting thru today is first and foremost on my agenda.... :D  I have no expectations, nor wants nor needs...


Does anyone one else have "Tiny Promises" to share?????   :)


Quote from: Faithlooksup on January 01, 2011, 05:42:11 am
Does anyone one else have "Tiny Promises" to share?????   :)

My tiny promsie is to spend more quality time with my DH.  He deserves it, he has hurt as much as I have when it comes to our ungrateful and nasty children.   My son 20 has left home but is back for a short time,  he is is outrageously dreadful to us.  My 18 is leaving soon to find a job and live away.  My 14 yr old is leaving for Boarding School  soon.  She is delightful.    Soon it will be empty nest and i have surprised myself as I am a "kids are our world,  have guilt when things don't go well"   but boy  you live and learn.  DH and I  deserve to enjoy quality time together!!! I am looking forward to this time with just DH and me!!    I can't wait!!!


And let us not forget about loosing weight this year too..... ;)  And I am really craving some chocolate right now.....No, No Faith behave....OK..... that is what I have posted on my computer, I even have it as a screen saver~~~"Say NO to Chocolate..."  (boooooooo!) :'(


A life without chocolate?  *Sigh*  I am not even going to try that one, as I know I would never make it.  There's not enough willpower in the world.....

Hee hee...but I do adhere to the articles I read that dark chocolate is better for you!
We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. -
Joseph Campbell


Ahhhhhh....sounds good to me Pooh~~lets hit the dark chocolate then!!! ***YAY****