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Son in Law from down below

Started by nanalu, April 05, 2011, 06:58:21 am

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You are right Laurie, I was having an angry moment after my sister called me about her SIL too. I am keeping really busy so I don't have time to think too much about this. The hurt doesn't go away, but I am sure tired at night and I sleep, insteac of crying myself to sleep. :'(


I know it's hard not to group people especially when your feelings have been attacked.  Most of us tend to turn that direction at one time or another.


I have a cousin whose older daughter "Sally" married a complete loser.  This guy beat the snot out of her, he'd tell her to get in the car and drive her out to the middle of nowhere and drop her off, etc., etc.  They had one daughter and my cousin was always terrified out of her mind that one day she'd get a call from the police telling her that Sally was dead - and she knew she'd never, ever see her granddaughter again.  Sally and loser hubby (LH) lived with his parents.  Then, no clue what LH did, but he was sent to prison.  Sally told my cousin she didn't want anything more to do with her and completely cut her off.  No, it wasn't anything my cousin did, we don't know why he was sent to prison.  My cousin was hoping for a reconciliation when he was sent away, and it turned out to be the opposite.

For years, my cousin heard about her daughter in snippets.  She'd run into LH's cousin who would mention that Sally had another baby, a boy; LH was out of prison and they'd moved out of state, etc., etc.  About 2 years ago, out of nowhere, Sally called my cousin and joined the family again.  I don't know the details, but I have to say, when I see her FB page and Sally is going on about how much she loves her hubby and how wonderful he is, I want to puke.  Ugh!  However, the point to the whole story is that Sally came back.  Your daughter might wake up someday and think, "I want my momma!"  Keeping my fingers crossed for ya!


Well its Easter Sunday and haven't heard from our daughter. She and her husband went to stay with his parents for the weekend.Our son in law has posted his weekly picture of my daughter napping. He has a thing about taking pictures of her while she naps. Weird I think.To say nothing of how unbecoming some of those pictures can be.He still keeps notes between his ex and himself on facebook for everyone to see. Drives me to tears. I don't think my daughter could be this naive. But she seems happy and has told me everything is fine and I should talk to her first if I have any gripe. She has gained about 50 pounds since they have dated and now married, and seems oblivious to the health concerns she creating for herself. Talk about the Stockholm syndrome!!!  I am just dumbfounded........


M- Thinking of you and sending love...
Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. Dalai Lama


Well, I have been so busy with a benefit to help the Japan victims and haven't updated. Last Thursday (a week ago today) I was driving home from work and my cellphone rang. I pulled over and answered it because it was my daughter's number. It was my grandkids. They said hi Nana. I started to cry, and they wanted to know why I was so sad and crying. I told them I was happy to hear from them and they are tears of joy. We talked for almost half an hour. They sang to me, read to me, my grandson played the drums for me. It was wonderful, then like they used to do, they were done talking, so just walked away from the phone, so I hung up. My daugher never got on the phone, and I know he wasn't there, or he wouldn't have let her call for them. My grandson did remember that I was going to get them Bambi and Pinochio, and they are sitting on my table, but because I was told they only love me for what I buy them, I am not sure if I should send them. The call gave me hope, but I still miss the friendship my daughter and I used to have. *sigh* :'(


What an incredibly difficult situation. My heart goes out to you. Darned if you do and darned if you don't. Sending love...
Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. Dalai Lama


It's a small step...  I spoke to my gs today, also.  Let's be thankful for that much & hope a door has been opened. Thanks for all you're doing for the victims in Japan.  You're in my thoughts, Nanalu~