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Just one month away from meeting my new gc

Started by Nana, December 19, 2010, 10:46:22 am

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I want to share the news that I am having my third grandchild by mid January.  We threw a baby shower for dil yesterday.  It was so nice.  Its going to be another girl.  We now have Alex, Mariela and Daniela is on her way.   Cant wait...I am so excited. 

My dil mentioned in the baby shower that thanks to her mom and I, she had made it through with her kids.  That she was a very lucky ladies to have us.   How things change for me.
Ladies dont lose hope.  Things were terrible when my dil/son had their first baby.  Things do change and I believe even in miracles. 

I hope things do change for you who are having problems.  God (or life) acts in mysterious ways.

I wish you all a very happy Christmas and that peace and health be present with you this Christmas Season and always.

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Nana, I'm so happy for you! Thanks for sharing your good news. We need to know that things can change.
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That is fantastic Nana, wishing your daughter-in-law all the best


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