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Grandparents~~Let us teach "Forgiveness."

Started by Faithlooksup, December 07, 2010, 08:16:45 AM

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Hello Everyone!!!     One word, 11 letters~~"Forgiveness."  This is something I would Love to discuss today......

I put this topic under Grandparents for I am wondering just how many of us GP's have gone into depth of this word with our GC's.....I know I have not, and when I am allowed to do so it shall begin.

I saw a movie on LMN (Lifetime Movie Network) some time ago, and it has stuck with me since, so if you dont mind I would Love to share this with you...

Unfortunately, of course I do not remember the name or the actors, and I am going to try to make this as short as possible.  ::)    The Kelly's were the family~~Mom, Dad and two young daughters (grade school age.)  Mr. Kelly was a big time attorney so their was a lot of clout in the family, great reputation, lots of family functions, with Mrs Kelly in charge of parties galore for her hubby and his firm etc.  Mrs Kelly was also involved in the daughters schooling, pta groups, volunteering in every function imaginable.  Very down to earth people as well.

One day, while Mrs Kelly was driving home with a car load of flowers and food for another party she was hosting it began raining-downpouring and she accidently hit a child on her bicycle on the side of the road.  Horrified, she pulled over no one was to be found on this rural road--she panicked and ran to the nearest phone booth and called the police--except she failed to give her name and that she was the one who did this did this out of fear.  There was a woman detective whom was in charge of this case and as time went on she began suspecting Mrs. Kelly and wanted her to give herself up on her own emission.  Mrs, Kelly finially did after months of guilt along with other neighbors suspecting her due to her actions and remorse feelings.  She, was sentenced to a year in jail, with her family and the entire community banning her.  After she was released she found a small apartment and tried to carry on...One day the det. asked her: "Mrs. Kelly have you seen your daughters?" she replied no, for I do not know how they feel about me...The detective replied:  "Mrs Kelly-have you taught your daughters how to forgive???" and she had no answer...end of this story--she did begin a new realtionship with her young daughters again...

What struck home with me was the word "Forgiveness.."  We have taught our Children all the basics--Love, kindness, right from wrong, please and Thank You, say you are sorry, wash your hands etc..etc..but did we get into the "debth of Forgiveness" with them???  OMG, I have to say NO ~~I did not do this... And maybe if I did do this things would be different today~~for the word Forgiveness would have been at least planted in their souls.  Forgiveness is such a word with a deep meaning...

So, Mom's, MIL's, GP's etc...it is never to late to teach about "Forgiveness"--we are never to old to learn either...

"For when you truly Forgive...That is when you can truly let go!!!" 

May you Forgive and be Forgiven....HUGS, Faith


Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. Dalai Lama


Thank You Luise for everything..... :-*  HUGS, Faith