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OK~~~I did it!!!

Started by Faithlooksup, December 07, 2010, 03:36:13 pm

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Greetings WW,   I took the leap of faith and emailed my DIL yesterday morning. 12/6/10 ...  It was short and sweet~~how are you, are you ready for the Holidays, how was your Thanksgiving and then I wrote about my new 7'5' pre-lit Christmas tree which I purchased last week,  had to finially break down and buy a new tree for my other one broke last year--the week after christmas so our final march together was to the dumpster instead of to my storage locker...
I also mentioned that I could not believe all the rolls of christmas wrapping paper that I had for I hit the sales after christmas, I have more than I need and if she was in need of any--just hollar--for I have plenty...  I then ended it with...Keep in touch, stay safe, be happy....Mom

When I got home this eve,12-7, their was an email from her.....she said everyone was fine that they have been to the dells, they went to MN for Thanksgiving (her mom lives out there) and then they spent a day at mall of america, they may go to TN for christmas not certain yet (her Dad lives out their.)  That they have not put up a tree yet for they always by fresh but this year she does want to get a artificial pre-lit tree and she asked me where I bought mine from.... etc...

So, I shall send her another email tomorrow about where I bought my tree from etc.........

I dont know where this is going to goooooo, but it may be a small step forward.......

Wish me luck ladies.....HUGS, Faith


Hey, Faith, that's great! But, I'd move really slowly now...IMHO, don't seem too eager or needy (scares 'em off.) Wait a few days, then tell her how sorry you are that you didn't get back to her right away, boy have you been busy, etc. She's not really in any hurry to buy a fake tree since they always buy fresh, right?

Good luck!
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Luise--thanks for the giggles.......and PEN, you are right...I will wait for a few days~~and I knew that in my heart as well.....I go on email streaks--I get on a roll and then I dont and then I do etc...so right now I am on one of my rolls which I will definately curve.  Thank You ladies with Love and hugs...Faith :) :) :) :) :-* ::)

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I would also encourage you to wait a few days, she's your DIL not a penpal.

Good luck,

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