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Should I email my DIL?????

Started by Faithlooksup, December 03, 2010, 06:15:18 am

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Hello Wise Women!!!!!
OK~~here is the question...This has really been heavy in my mind for the last two days..perhaps as if a little birdie on my shoulder is constantly whispering in my ear~~or maybe even an angel who knows.  BUT, it definiately is something...

I would like to send my DIL an email..short and sweet...how was your Thanksgiving??? Are you getting ready for Christmas??? And how have you been???  I have never had a problem with my DIL its my son...

I really want to do this but my fears takes over, the fear of not know what will take place, the fear of rejection~~just plain ol' FEAR!!!!! :-\

Should I or shouldn't I???????   All advise always appreciated......Thank You and HUGS to all...  I really do know in my heart that my answer is yes--I just HUMBLY need your encouragement to do this...


YES, Faith DO IT!!!!!  At least you can say you tried and that you said Hello and how are you...
(Yes, I do sent posts to myself and emails as well)  LOL :)


Dear Faith:
Yes, by all means send you DIL an email.
Who knows, by being on the good side of your DIL your son may see that at least you are being courteous and nice to his wife.
Is it not  usually the reverse, that it is the DIL that MIL's do not get along with and the son is torn between his family and wife not getting along.
This is an unusual situation, but if it was my case, I would not hesitate in sending a sweet email and feel good for doing this.
You are hearing an angel or your guardians that are always around you, we are especially receptive at holiday time when emotions run high.  Listen to the whispering in your ear.
Good luck, Helen


Of course FAith..... follow your heart's desire.  Nothing can go wrong if you act with love.  You have nothing to lose..... 
You are a great person...really

Love is not love Which alters when it alteration finds, Or bends with the remover to remove:


hi faith
yes you should try to keep in touch somehow.  but i would add somewhere in the email, something like, "i know i haven't been in touch in a while, but......." 
if i were that DIL and received an email from my mil of which i hadn't heard from in a while, it would seem odd to me.
and if i were writing the email, i would want to explain in short terms, why i hadn't been in touch.
let us know how it goes!


As a DIL, just wanted to say I kinda agree with Erma - perhaps you don't need to justify why you haven't been in touch just a "I have been thinking of you all" would cover it.  I know (for me anyway) it would disarm the notion the MIL is trying to get to DH through me or some other alterior motive. (this pertains to MY experiences with my MIL but...) it would still be nice for your son to see that although you are speaking with his wife, his is in your thoughts as well. 
Good Luck


Hi Wise Women, I thank you for your advise.  I do believe I will begin my email with "I have been thinking of you so I wanted to drop a line or two..."    NO justifications are needed for we have not been in touch for 4 years... Perhaps its time to open a door and see what happens. :o

I have not done this yet, I was actually waiting for responses and encouragement from you ladies... I do have to say that I do believe it is a guardian whispering in my ear for the feeling is so, so  very strong.....

Of course I will let everyone know what happens--keep me in your prayers.....HUGS, Faith


I wouldn't send an email until I felt comfortable. Sending love...
Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. Dalai Lama


Thank You Luise, you are right about feeling comfortable in doing this~~and actually I am...Its just those nasty Fear Demons whom get in the way :-\ whom stomp all over my confidence and whisper in my ear, "Oh you can't do that!"  But this time, the fear demons will not win, only goodness and Love...  HUGS, Faith