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Can't see my grandkids

Started by jadedgramma, October 20, 2010, 12:54:56 pm

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Dear Sadgranny,
Welcome, you have come to the right place, there are many wise women here.  I know exactly how you feel, my odd has cut me out of her life, and I have not seen my precious gd for 4 months, she was the light of my life.

With the help of everyone here, I am gradually getting some strength, I don't feel like ending it all anymore, but I alternate between feeling sad and angry.   I called my dd last week and my gd answered the phone and I spoke to her for about 5 minutes, to find out what she wants for Christmas, although I don't know if I will see her at Christmas.

I would never have dreamed this could happen to me, I thought they would always be in my life, but if it not to be, there is nothing I can do about it.    Keep reading the posts, you will get great comfort from them.

Best wishes...Jill


Quote from: sadgranny on November 18, 2010, 11:42:56 am

I am in the same situation. I have a daughter who has just had a little boy, and they also have a little girl, 3 and a half. She was my apple blossom, my little ray of sunshine. I am not allowed to see the whole family. I cry a lot as they live in the same city.  I feel I cannot cope without them

I'm glad you found us b/c you will feel understood and comforted by sharing here.  Your pain is obvious in your post, but you are not alone, my friend.  I always get so much insight by what Luise posts - and I agree with her - I think it is important that you move on.  If your daughter wants you in her life, she will come back to you on her own.  By calling her, inviting her places, trying to involve her in your life - you may be giving her the impression that you are pressuring her (as loving and unthreatening as may be intended).  I'm just sharing what I have learned myself.  Taking a step back is truly healing.  I hope you can find inner peace and fulfilling activities to give your life new meaning.
Hugs, Hope


I'm sorry you are dealing with this sad issue. I'm with you as I am also dealing with not seeing some of my grandchildren. The holidays make that harder. It's not fair to these little kids. Glad you got to talk to your gd at least and find out what she wanted for Christmas. Hugs to you. It is nice to be able to come here though to share our thoughts and get moral support.