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Learning is knowledge

Started by cadagi101, October 15, 2010, 03:35:07 pm

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I just had to say that I have learnt so much from DIL/MIL of how TO and how NOT to be when I am in fact one day will be a mother-in-law.    DIL's what you say rings so true when I think back about my sister-in-law and not respecting her boundaries and I am now understanding why she felt like she did.   I now know what I did and my mum did was out of concern for her, she didn't have family nearby, she admitted to her husband her depression, YES he told me and he shouldn't have.    What I feel now is i could have been more understanding and I now wish I had admitted to her that I  have depression and maybe she would have opened up to me and we could have worked together instead of at loggerheads although I must say we never spoke a word but maybe she felt the same about me as I did about her.

I will write more which will explain I hope why I felt How i felt the way i did and maybe i will be understood.  i do not want to justify my actions just put them on the table...   I will explain when I have more time.  I am really hoping this post comes out as a learning curve for me and doesn't sound patronizing to anyone here.


I believe this will be a learning curve for you too :) I learned to NOT SHOULD ON MYSELF or I should have this or that. But, I also know that letting it out in a safe environment is very healing. I will try to follow this as you follow all my posts too :) your friend, cdb