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  1. my adult children are mean and hateful towards me.... heartbroken
  2. sons married and have little to do with me yet spend time with DIL parents
  3. DD nice to everyone else but me!
  4. Dont know what to do
  5. Adult Daughter and Family in Constant Chaos
  6. What have others done about photos of estranged adult children?
  7. Christmas gift giving
  8. My daughter is so cold towards me
  9. Just a venting day
  10. Adult Children Disrespectful
  11. DD spending all her spare time with boyfriend’s family and I’m jealous
  12. Son blaming me - I don't know what to do
  13. cannot log in with my usual username
  14. Solution when all else fails
  15. Vent and need some advise
  16. My DD has left family
  17. Problem with my username
  18. My newly graduated DS left and moved in with controlling gf
  19. My son rejects me
  20. Rant and questions please advise
  21. No family
  22. Sad and feeling sorry for myself
  23. My 19 Year Old Son has been giving me the Silent Treatment for weeks now!!
  24. I have to write a letter of goodbye to my adult son
  25. Facing Huge Loss
  26. My 3 kids want nothing to do with me
  27. New to forum
  28. Re: Ungrateful Grown Children
  29. When you finally realize you have to let DS/DD go.
  30. I'm 33 and Mom wont speak to me
  31. Disrespectful AD and grandmother telling her to undermine me
  32. Difficult AD
  33. Easter
  34. My adult daughter never shows me affection
  35. Adult son rejecting me
  36. The Silent Treatment
  37. daughter wants nothing to do with us
  38. Nearly two years of No Contact with DS and family
  39. Getting through the final break from son
  40. That Happened To Me, As Well
  41. Not invited to the wedding
  42. afraid i crossed the line
  43. Difficult Adult Daughter
  44. Cheap, adult son...
  45. Alone at Christmas
  46. Is it too late to stop this happening?
  47. Should I speak up?
  48. Another Thanksgiving that didn't fail to disappoint
  49. My son is making me feel guilty
  50. my sister is hateful with my mother